Our Mission Statement

  • Improve the individual proficiency of our members in the performance of their duties;
  • To encourage social, charitable, and educational activities among our membership and the people we serve; 
  • To provide collective bargaining services to the employees who are represented by the Association;
  • To organize the unorganized within our jurisdiction;
  • To promote professionalism among our members;
  • To obtain equal rights for all our members in hiring, promotions, classification, and pay;
  • To encourage our members to take active roles in the legislative and political processes of The Government Supervisors Association of Florida and our communities and to further the scope and spirit of service rendered to the public.

Your Contract And Your Membership Is In Jeopardy


Dear Member and non-Member

As you may be aware, the Legislature passed, and the Governor signed a new law affecting all public sector unions throughout the State except for the first responders. Some provisions of the law will be effective immediately. The provisions of the law that immediately impact our union are the prohibition of payroll dues deduction by government employers.

Click here to download the memo (PDF Format)

GSAF / OPEIU Member Benefits

GSAF Workplace Legal Representation: GSAF provides its members with representation during disciplinary and administrative matters related to their employment such as Contractual Grievance Filing, Arbitrations and Appeals, Labor Management Committee Meetings, Classification Appeals and Impact Bargaining of Terms and Conditions of Employment. When appropriate GSAF's attorneys will also provide the member with representation.

GSAF Collective Bargaining Negotiations:
GSAF's management team and its labor attorneys negotiate on behalf of its members with the county/city to obtain the most favorable legally binding collective bargaining agreements. We advocate for legal and administrative terms and articles to maximize, to the greatest extent possible, protections and benefits for our members.

OPEIU Discount College Benefit:
OPEIU members and their families can now earn a degree with great discounts. For more information go to www.EBSunioncollegebenefit.org/OPEIU

Tuition Discounts Flyer

OPEIU Student Debt Reduction Program: This new benefit will help OPEIU members repay their student debt. The fund provides five awards of $2,500 each year to a member who has completed an associate or undergraduate degree and who can demonstrate they have at least $10,000 in student debt and their account is current.

Union Scholarships: Howard Coughlin Memorial Scholarship up to $6,500, John Kelly Labor Studies Scholarship Fund up to $3,250, Romeo Corbeil/Gilles Beauregard Scholarship Fund, Union Plus Scholarship Program with $150,000 awarded annually.

24 HR Sign & Drive Roadside Plan: Two towing/service calls per year for members and family living in the same household, valued up to $100 each.

Identity Theft Protection Service: An Internet Monitoring Service monitors the web for sensitive information about you sold on the black market: credit card, social security and bank account numbers, driver license, telephone, email etc. You then receive a monthly report. Register at www.OPEIUidProtect.com or by calling 855-990-0994

Member Legal Services: This benefit provides 30 minutes of free legal consultation on non-employment related issues.

Notary Public Services: Free Notary Public services for GSAF members.

Annual Member Appreciation Picnic: Every year the GSAF local organizes this great event for its members and their families with great food, fun, games and prizes.

Death Benefit: GSAF members with14 months of membership in good standing automatically qualify for and receive $3,000 in death benefit coverage. Plus $2,000 payable by ALICO insurance. This is a total of $5,000 Death Benefit coverage!

Accidental Death &Dismemberment Benefit: GSAF members with 14 months of membership in good standing receive $4,000 of coverage!

Medical Disability Benefit: GSAF members with 14 months of membership in good standing receive a $250 medical disability benefit.
Flowers and Bereavement Benefit

AFL-CIO Union Plus Benefits Program: Members can log on to: www.UnionPlus.org for web access showing and expanded list of additional benefits.

Working Advantage Discount Program: Members are able to register using the code 744387769 at www.workingadvantage.com or call 800.565.3712. Get up to 60% discount on movie tickets, theme parks, hotels, museums, zoos, attractions, shopping, theatre events and more.

OPEIU Disaster Relief Fund
Twenty-Five dollar ($25.00) bonus for Members signing up a New Member
Free Financial Advisor Analysis
Leadership and Union Organizing Trainings
CPR/Bleed Control Certified Training
OPEIU Connect newsletter subscription
Free OPEIU App download

How to Become a Member

In order to enroll and start receiving your benefits for being a Union Member, please click on the box below to submit your application online and also fill out your dues payment form.

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You may contact us via e-mail at gsaf@gsaflocal100.org or reach us at (305) 477-9644 or (954) 920-0046

Your Membership Application will be reviewed and forwarded to the next Board of Directors’ Meeting where a vote on your application will be held. If approved by the Board of Directors, your membership application will be processed for dues deduction via ACH Debit or Credit Card Transaction, depending on your choice. You will receive a welcome letter from President Fredricka Green, as well as a Union Card. 

Membership Dues are $45.00 monthly with ACH transactions. There is a $2.00 processing fee for credit card payments. The union will verify your ACH/Credit Card and charge your account $1 refunded at 1st payment. By selecting this payment method, you are agreeing to a recurring payment of $45 / ACH or $47 / CC scheduled on the 15th of the month or the next business day. 

or if you wish to mail in your dues information. Please download, print, and mail the following form below:

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