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Your union realizes that during this time of an unprecedented pandemic of the Coronavirus, it is difficult to turn our attention to normal business necessities, but the GSAF is very concerned about protecting your future job conditions and wages in that we are facing a deepening recession. Thus, we are bringing to you for consideration a proposed settlement of the 2019 – 2020 wage reopeners in our current contracts and new successor Collective Bargaining Agreements for the term:  2020 – 2022 (including two non-economic reopeners for the second year).  [The County has presented the reopener proposals and the successor agreements as a singular, unified offer, and, thus, the ratification vote is for the entire package and cannot be separated.]  

Below is a “highlight” summary of the issues upon which you are being asked to vote.  The great majority of the contract provisions remain the same as currently set forth in the existing contracts.  Complete copies of the proposals will be available for your review at ratification.

Your GSAF Officers and your Broward Bargaining Team strongly urge your support for both the Supervisory and the Professional proposals.


1.      Wages: 

● First Pay Period in October 2019 (retroactive) – 3% across-the-board pay increase (employee must have a performance rating of at least “satisfactory” and if employee is at or near max of pay range anything over max will be paid in one-time lump sum bonus).

● First Pay Period in October 2020 – 3% across-the-board pay increase (same provisions as October 2019 as set forth above).

● First Pay Period in October 2021 – 2% across-the-board pay increase (same provisions as October 2019 as set forth above).


2.      Holidays:

 ● All full-time employees shall receive two (2) personal days of eight (8) or ten (10)  hours each in the form of Annual Leave, credited to the employee’s annual leave accrual balance effective in the first full pay period in January. 


3.      Sick Leave:

  ● Approved Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) sick leave shall not have that  designated sick leave counted as an occurrence for purposes of the sick leave monitoring policy nor shall it disqualify an employee from being awarded a “bonus  day” as provided for by the contract.


4.      Letters of Understanding:

The contractual agreements are accompanied by five LOU’s agreed-to by the County and the Union, as follows: 

● Union cooperation in the implementation of the Human Resources Enterprise Resource Project (ERP) and Human Capital Module (HCM).

● Commitment by County to meet and confer with the Union to discuss the results of the Education, Certificate and License data collection for the Compensable Factor Form for bargaining unit employees.

● Commitment by County to convene a Labor Management Committee to discuss and review “Flex-Time” policy.

● Commitment by County to implement a salary adjustment for Transit Supervisors and Transit Maintenance Skilled Trades Supervisors to address compaction concerns with subordinate employees resulting from the “thereafter step” adjustments.

● Commitment by County to include in the 2020 market survey: (1) Skilled Trade Supervisor, (2) Superintendent of Transportation, (3) Assistant Superintendent of Transportation, (4) Consumer Relations Analyst and (5) Consumer Protection Inspector.   If study shows that pay grade adjustments are needed, they will be addressed in October of this year.  

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